Polyamide fiber Enneafil for concrete


The polyamide fibre for the concrete
of the future

Sustainable construction with
ENNEAFIL macro and micro fibres

ENNEAFIL is an innovative polyamide fibre that can be used in the place of concrete additives. It facilitates a new, particularly efficient method of construction with numerous advantages.

Ultra-light | Extremely strong | Hyper-insulating

Light yet extremely strong: greater design flexibility for architects and
an improved carbon footprint

Concrete containing ENNEAFIL is ultra-light yet extremely strong – for example, this allows for adding more storeys to existing buildings without impacting the building’s structure. Steel reinforcement is then only partly, or not at all necessary. Enneafil immensely reduces CO2, which would otherwise arise from steel production. Corrosion, weight problems caused by the use of reinforced concrete as well as stress cracks and concrete shrinkage can be greatly reduced. Completely new avenues are opened up in the use of precast concrete components as these can be precast in greater numbers in the factory – transport times, costs and emissions
are therefore reduced.

ENNEAFIL – areas of use

ENNEAFIL offers constructors and architects new design leeway and a reduced carbon footprint.

For this new construction approach, we have developed two innovative concrete additive polyamides: ENNEAFIL micro and macro fibres. Depending on the construction project, our customers can add these in an optimally customised mixture ratio to achieve the perfect product properties to suit their project.

Enneafil Microfibres


In comparison with conventional materials for concrete reinforcement such as steel, carbon fibre, basalt fibre, glass fibre, ENNEAFIL – with optimised mechanical properties – is superior in two aspects:

  • Lower overall costs
  • Sustainability
Enneafil Macro Fibres

Available in different lengths:
ENNEAFIL-Micro-A 6mm / 12mm and 18mm

Available in different lengths:
ENNEAFIL-Macro-A 40mm / 55mm


  • 100% pure polyamide (PA)
  • static-acting / stress crack-reducing fibre
  • smaller carbon footprint
  • corrosion-free – long service life
  • alkali resistant
  • chemically resistant to acids, alkalis, salts and most solvents
  • good processing properties
  • guarantees quick and even distribution
  • increased impact strength
  • high tensile strength / E-module
  • optimal fibre distribution thanks to macro pucks (bundles)
  • reduced shrinkage

Advantages of ENNEAFIL polyamide fibres


ENNEAFIL possesses optimised mechanical properties

The synthetic fibres reduce or replace steel reinforcement components and greatly reduce shrinkage and crack formation or the continuation of existing cracks. ENNEAFIL does not conduct electricity, and allows architects greater leeway thanks to its lightweight structures.


ENNEAFIL reduces total costs and energy consumption

Total costs when using ENNEAFIL are already lower today than using conventional methods of concrete reinforcement. Due to the fact that it does not corrode, there is no need for the conventional protective layer, meaning that thinner walls can be used, saving on materials and costs. Thanks to improved insulating properties, the product’s lifetime energy consumption is reduced and less repairs are necessary.


With ENNEAFIL, you build sustainably for the future

Our ENNEAFIL polyamide fibres are produced using renewable energies. ENNEAFIL improves heat-insulating properties of buildings and increases their energy efficiency. Due to its high resilience, concrete has a longer device life. Should the building be demolished, the concrete is reusable.

Are you interested in Enneafil?

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Individual enneafil fibers

Convincing in comparison

Our ENNEAFIL micro and macro fibres possess excellent mechanical properties and are more sustainable and cheaper in comparison than many other materials and methods of concrete reinforcement.

Carbon fibre
Basalt fibre
Glass fibre

Building for the advancement of Enneafil

Research and further development

ENNEAFIL was developed with the RWTH Aachen (IBAC) Institute of Civil Engineering and has already received the seal «Innovativ durch Forschung» (innovation through research). ​The amount of micro and macro fibres can be individually customised to suit the construction project for each customer. We are happy to advise and support you with the structural calculations.

Our customers are already convinced

Our tailor-made solutions convince our customers. In particular, the durability and shorter construction time were praised. ENNEAFIL acquits itself admirably and fulfils our high expectations.​
The potential of our innovative concrete has not yet been fully exhausted. We are researching further on possible areas of application and in our further developments are concentrating on the individual needs of our customers and their complex demands on synthetic fibres. We are also continually focussing on our expectations for innovation, sustainability and cost-efficiency. Knowledge-transfer and collaboration are prerequisite here in order to successfully master the challenges that the future will bring.

Yesterday’s experience is tomorrow’s result.


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Sustainability of concrete fibres -Taking big steps towards a small ecological footprint

From production and application to deconstruction and reuse – ENNEAFIL ensures an optimal environmental footprint, playing an important role in keeping it as small as possible.

  • Low CO2 emissions in comparison with steel, glass or basalt fibres.
  • Increased energy efficiency due to improved heat insulating properties.
  • Reduction in heating and cooling requirements thanks to improved insulation.
  • Less material needed due to the fact that a protective layer is unnecessary.
  • Long service life and easier deconstruction due to corrosion-free elements.
  • Recyclability of corrosion-free elements.
Single polyamide fiber

Are you interested in ENNEAFIL?

We at the ENNEATECH AG lay great value on personal contact and would be delighted for you to contact us. Whether by phone, e-mail, or a personal visit – we’re here for you.

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